Hosting an EBC gathering is an honor and responsibilty unique to the members of a given group. First, the host is responsible for “cleaning” the space literally and spiritually. The host may also be providing snacks, and leading the meeting. These tasks can be shared or assigned to more than one person.

In this time of quarentining, however, where our gatherings are limited we should devise a plan for the virtual EBC experience.

The same level of structure is still important if you’re using the group to “work” the books you are reading. Here’s a step by step approach you can take. Note that you can ammend any of the steps to fit the needs of your group.

Choose a Platform for the Meeting

Make sure the person organizing the meeting has a platform they know how to use and that others have access by phone or computer. Some easy ones are Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Teams. If there are members who are insecure in using these platforms, offer to do a trial run for them before the meeting so they can feel confident on gameday.

Be Mindful of the Egregore

In your EBC you have made an agreement to share a special “space” with a group of people. Every time you meet, and pray for each other, or meditate together you are participating in creating the thought-form that is your EBC. Even though you are not meeting in person, it is still a sacred space you are creating and sharing.

“Cleaning” the Space

Since you won’t be at one single person’s house, each member should do a “cleaning” of the room they will be sitting in during the meeting. This cleaning is a deep thorough cleaning of the space, removing all clutter and dirtiness. This includes dusting, wiping baseboards, windowsills, washing sheets, making beds, airing the room out, etc.

While the cleaning is happening, prayerful thoughts should be going on regarding the desired energy you want the space to have. Be mindful to not let resentment or anger creep in unconsciously. Sometimes signing or playing music can help evoke the feelings and attitude for positivity.

After the space is clean, make sure and light a candle and put fresh cut flowers next to a bowl of water. I like to put crystals in a decorative bowl in front of a statue of the Virgin Mary. Our book club is called The Daughters of Sophia, and the Virgin is the feminine aspect of God in my religion.

Have an Agenda

Having an agenda that is sent out to the group a week in advance is great for any kind of meeting. In this case, it ensures that people will know what information to be accountable for. We should acknowledge that we are all off of our normal routines and losing track of time during the quarantine.

This will give people time to catch up on their journaling and reading. Sending a confirmation to the group the day before is also nice so they have a chance to do their spiritual cleaning ritual and whatever protection or banishing rituals they my wish to do.

Still Do Your Rituals

Even though we can’t meet in person, we can still do our rituals! In fact, taking a video with your phone and posting it to your social media for each other to see how your space looked while you were setting up can be a fun way to connect and show your unique style. I know a few groups who do this after their gatherings and I really enjoying getting to know people through these rituals. And I get ideas from them.


Closing or ending a virtual meeting always feels abrupt and strange to me. Maybe because in person, I would hug people before speperating form them.

I suggest saying a closing prayer, and allow people to set intentions for their practice. Each member of the group can give blessings to the other members by simply saying “peace be with you” or something of that nature. That way it won’t feel like being cutoff, but instead, like a loving send off.

Hope this post serves you well!

With Love and Light,

The Daughters of Sophia EBC