The Theosophical Society in America was founded in New York in 1875 with its international headquarters at Adyar, Chennai (Madras), India. The American Section has its national center in Wheaton, Illinois, on a beautiful forty-acre estate called Olcott in honor of the Society’s co-founder and first president, Colonel Henry Steel Olcott.

My personal experience with the Theosophical Society is the wonderful library and bookstore located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle Washington called Quest Books. Ever since I was an adolescent I have had a habit of finding cafes and bookstores that specialize in playing host to intellectuals and bohemians. Even while on vacation…especially on vacation, I have made it a priority to seek out the nearest “woo-woo” bookstore and spend some time there. The Theosophical Society has been a great resource.

I’ve always been captivated by the combination of philosophy, literature, art, and spiritual tombs found within, nevermind that I can sip the blackest espresso while flipping through the books as well. There’s usually a Pocket Astrologer, some crystals, candles, and interesting jewelry for sale as well.

Since we’re on quarantine due to Covid-19, it’s not a great time for me to suggest you take a field trip to the nearest Theosophical Society Bookstore/Library with your EBC. Although, the quarantine will be lifted at some point, so make a tentative plan to check out the nearest branch with your sisters.

The collection of spiritual and religious books is like nothing I’ve ever seen in one place. The major religions of the world, pagan and folk traditions, divination cards, and people who like to share resources can all be found at any branch in the country. First, make sure there’s one close to you.

The Webcast on Thursdays

For the time being, there’s good news. The Theosophical Society offers a free interactive Livestream on their Thursday webcasts! On April 30, at 7:00 pm, CDT, William Meader will lead a discussion on The Dark Night of the Soul (the sense that one has been abandoned by God).

I highly recommend participating in this series since it is something all mystics will invariably experience. It’s also a refreshing way to experience a “field trip” with your esoteric book club while on quarantine.

Please feel free to comment and share your experiences with the Theosophical Society bookstore and library. Thanks!

With Love and Light,

The Daughters of Sophia EBC